Pia Steidl – Art Direction

Content and visual concept, interviews, graphic design, photography, layout, typography and production. »How we want to live« is a personal project on alternative living- and housing styles. I interviewed 16 people of 16 different projects, 7 of which I transcribed and put together in this book. From a 25-people house-project, to people who live in Berlin in teepees, to a family that travels around without money, the dream of a free life in a loving community is consistent in all of them.

»I don’t ‚have to‘ do much. I ‚have to‘ do less than I think. By now, I am even in the position to say: nothing I do is because I ‚have to‘ do it. Everything I do, I do voluntarily.«

steps of consensus:
1. agreement without concern
2. small concerns
3. big concerns
4. stand aside 
5. abstention
6. veto