Pia Steidl – Art Direction

Hi Hoxton!

In addition to my resume, I would like to elaborate on the desired skills mentioned in the job advertisement. Furthermore, I have answered a few questions that might interest you.

So how can you help us succeed?

While I travelled a lot(!) in my life, I still feel a strong connection to my hometown of Vienna, and I do know the city pretty well. I know how to attract international travelers, expats, locals and nationals because I have been in the shoes of all of them.

Yes, please! Innovative thinking is part of being creative, and being creative is my identity. When it comes to new technologies, trends or best practices, I am amongst the first to be extremely excited about them (like all the AI stuff going on!). I usually hyperfocus on learning new stuff, which is one of my biggest hobbies and comes quite easy on me. My portfolio showcases this way of thinking: I love unusual ideas to create holistic brand experiences.

Ideas are only as good as the strategy behind them. I have worked on dozens of campaigns with nationwide well-known brands, helping them achieving their goals. Having worked in the field of advertising for quite some time now, I have a strong understanding of brand messaging and how to effectively communicate it to (local) audiences.

May I mention, at this point, that I love working for food and hospitality? A lot of the projects I did in the past were food-related, and I almost became a chef instead of a creative. Managing the social media channels and generating content sounds fun and exciting.

Honestly, that part of the job gets me really excited and made me apply in the first place. How awesome is it to ideate and implement not only visuals, but literally everything a human can feel! I always found the visual part to be one of many experiences a human can have. My personal creative dream! I ran my own little airbnb for a while and loved surprising my guests with little unexpected breakfast-treats, a lovely lavender-smelling room, the most comfortable sheets, just the right temperature, nice lighting and furniture with personality – making them feel extra welcome and special <3. 

While I am good with numbers due to being self-employed, I will need a little time to adjust and learn on how to do budgets that size. But: I do learn e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y quickly.

So we’re looking for …

… is basically how I would answer the question on how I built a successful business, gained clients and made them stay.

How about: „A creative thinker with a track record of successfully campaigning for brands, a head full of unconventional ideas, quick learner with a bold heart, while also delivering business results.“  

My education in journalistic writing taught me the professional use of words across different media, and courses in Social Media Marketing and SEO were helpful many times in the past in running my own business (I keep repeating that, I know – but it DOES teach you a lot!). Communication is my profession, and I have always been good with words. I was even diagnosed «highly talented» in German.

After finishing school, I thought about becoming a chef. So for 4 months, I did an apprenticeship at Viennas finest «Hotel Imperial», getting to know the dirty behind-the-scenes of a hotel kitchen. While I chose to become a creative instead, my passion for good food and hospitality sticks until today. I love to try new things, in Vienna and abroad.

My network especially revolves around art, design, fashion and music: I studied at the most renowned Universities of Arts in Berlin (UdK) and Vienna (Angewandte), I am a regular guest at design fairs and vernissages. Many of my former classmates are artists, designers or working in media now, and I love to see them succeed in their chosen paths. Reaching out to some new contacts in Zurich might also come in handy some day.

Well, what can say: I love to collaborate and I am used to collaborating with different people because … well, you know, running my own business and stuff …

Other questions

 1. I truly believe that being a benevolent person can make the world a better place. 2. Only honesty can create meaningful relationships. 3. I love to grow: the bigger the challenge, the bigger the growth.

What’s you range? 🙂

April 2023

I have come very far with my own business, and now I feel there’s more room for growth elsewhere. I want to do something even more exciting, evem more holistic and I would love to work in a fixed team again.